"The Fastest Way To Create Passive Income And Have Fun Doing It"

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Don’t spend another dime on complicated, expensive, hit-or-miss Real estate Investment strategies before you read this… 

Imagine you could have more free time for people you love and things you are passioned about, get rid of stress and anxiety of the future, pursue doing the things you love rather than what pays the bills, live and work from anywhere and finally, create a platform for financial stability and growth

How would having that super-power transform your business and your life?

Guess what? This isn’t a fantasy. It can be your reality when you become an…

​Inner Circle VIP

The next-level mastermind dedicated to helping extraordinary people become exceptional investors. The results and benefits you’ll realize from being à part of our high-level, intimate community are VERY, VERY different from ‘typical’ masterminds.. guaranteed!

The truth is, this not for everyone, and it’s not cheap.

However, if you’re serious about wanting to CREATE PASSIVE INCOME, then being an Inner Circle VIP will become an essential part of your real estate investment business.

The next-level mastermind dedicated to helping extraordinary people become exceptional investors. The results and benefits you’ll realize from being à part of our high-level, intimate community are VERY, VERY different from ‘typical’ masterminds.. guaranteed!

The truth is, this not for everyone, and it’s not cheap.

However, if you’re serious about wanting to CREATE PASSIVE INCOME, then being an Inner Circle VIP will become an essential part of your real estate investment business.

Here’s how I’ll help you to start and grow your real estate wealth every single month:

  • The Masterclass.  Monthly, LIVE hot seat online masterclass where you can receive immediate feedback on your pressing real estate investment challenges and be held accountable for moving your business forward. Each masterclass is about an hour long so you can easily watch it one sitting, and then use the actionable techniques to make more money. The masterclass is delivered via video inside a VIP-only online portal, as an mp3 you can listen on the go.

  • A live monthly coaching call. Every month I conduct a LIVE Q@A call where you’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions about real estate investment, money management, performance and time management – basically anything I’m qualified to answer. You’ll have me on your team to help you find solutions to problems, keep you on track, and help you get “unstuck. The recordings of all these calls are put inside the VIP portal, in case you can’t show up live.

  • Extraordinary Life with Elena Maurel The unvarnished truth is if you want to increase your passive income, you need more than just investment strategies and techniques. So every month, I do a VIP only  Facebook live that about personal growth, time management, motivation, and productivity topics that will take you from where you are to where you want to be with less stress and forced effort. If you can’t make it live, no worries because the video is recorded inside our Facebook group. Speaking of that…

  • Inner Circle VIP Facebook Group. This is where the “cool kids" hangout to discuss business and success strategies. I think most Facebook groups are a waste of time. However, this community is different because VIPs help their fellow VIPs. I love it and so will you.

  • FREE $495 ticket to attend our hugely popular event, Real Estate Investor Bootcamp, PLUS 50% off the ticket price to future events!
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to any and all past masterclasses & Q&A online.

  • Inner Circle VIP members are eligible for a 20 percent or more discount on all  events, trainings and courses.

  • Access to my network of proven, international based realtors, brokers, managers, constructors, lawyers, insurance agents, accountants, plumbers, electricians etc

What’s The Investment To Become An Inner Circle VIP

I used the word “investment" intentionally because being an Inner Circle VIP is NOT an expense because of the increase in your passive income you’ll experience. Your VIP status will become an integral part of your  success.

I plan on making the investment $147 a month soon. But, as of right now,  you can be a Elena Maurel  Inner Circle VIP for only $97 month, and you will be grandfathered in at that investment for life.

Please note: There are no refunds

However, you can cancel whenever you want, no questions asked.

With that being said, almost without exception, if someone wants to leave us, we happily let them go. However, they’ve shown that they’re not serious about increasing their sales and therefore they’re not allowed inside the hallowed walls of the Inner Circle VIP, again.

As I mentioned earlier, becoming an Inner Circle VIP isn’t for everyone. 

For example, it’s not for someone who want to get rich overnight and looking for easy solutions. Or, for a person who doesn’t honestly believe that become a millionaire in 5 years investing in Real Estate is possible. Or, for the person with the misguided belief that they “don’t have the time" or “I need to put away some money first" or “only rich people can succeed investing in real estate".

If that sounds like you, then being an Inner Circle VIP won’t be your cup of tea.

Inner Circle VIPs love what they do and want to make more money doing it. They’re not looking for bright-shiny new objects but rather robust strategies they implement to increase their income. (If that doesn’t sound like you, then you shouldn’t become a VIP.)

When you fill out the form below, you’ll get instant access to join the Inner Circle VIP Facebook Group.

If you’re ready to make a quantum leap in your passive income, I’d love to help you make it happen.

Fill out the form below and let’s get started.

Elena Maurel


See what our clients saying about…

Angela Martin


Elena helped me see all of the mistakes I had been making in just a few minutes. Now my real estate business is heading in the right direction!

It would have taken me years to gather all the information she provided. I have great expectations from this knowledge. I can say it is easy and practical, and deserves the highest ranking because everything you must do to succeed with this formula is explained step by step, crystal clear.

Vanessa Leroy 


This was truly powerful. I’m filled with gratitude for my mentors. Excellent presentations, well paced. I have learned a lot with this group. The mentors are world class, knows their stuff.
I highly recommend this mentoring group. The more you go deep, the more you enjoy the sessions and appreciate the value. 

Jonathan & Magda Meyer

This membership program is great, gives you everything you need to know about investing in real estates overseas. Especially emphasising that you need to be realistic about if your plan and if it fails and how long it will take.
Very thorough explanation on everything you need to know to start investing. Elena brought up some strategies that we were not aware of. Inner Circle VIP is an excellent experience because it saved us a lot of money from hiring a consultant.

Brad Goldman


Thought provoking and fresh. Inner Circle VIP has given me some valuable ideas to try out with my team and has already saved me a heap of time searching for resources to help me brainstorm ideas. 
This is one I’ll need to digest over and over again due to the golden nuggets of information delivered. Great!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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