You are invited to an exclusive private bootcamp and Q&A with Elena Maurel

A LIVE Event Unlike Any Other… Where You Can Get Hands-On Assistance Focused On Turning Your Real Estate Investment Busines Into a 24/7/365 Finely Tuned MACHINE of Explosive Growth…– GUARANTEED

You’ll Learn How To…


Find the right deals

Elena will walk you through the process of finding, analyzing, and purchasing a rental property. We’ll talk about:

  • The 10 best ways to find properties (even in a hot market)
  • The 10 biggest mistakes people make when analyzing properties (and end up buying TERRIBLE deals because of those mistakes!)
  • And 12 Ways to Finance an Investment Property … even if you have no money!


How to create passive income

Jump inside the time machine and watch as Elena shows you step by step how she would build her empire starting from scratch!


Get great financing

The step by step process that banks, credit unions, portfolio lenders, and others look for when deciding “yes” or “no” on your real estate loan requests!


How to exit at a 3X investment

You’ll learn how to make the most of the next 45 days – including building your own day-by-day, week-by-week Action Plan.


Buy off-market deals

The tools, tips, tricks, tactics needed to double, triple, or even 10x your investment portfolio this year. And be sure to bring a notebook – you’ll have pages of actionable notes when you get done!


How to get investors for deals

Your cash will run out. The banks will say no. But private money… it can fund your real estate dreams forever!

Learn how to attract private lenders to fund your next real estate deal.


How to refinance & reduce capital

What if you are simply trying to assess whether or not to refinance based purely on the economic benefit derived from a lower rate?


How to own deals with no cash

Is it really possible to invest in real estate using OTHER people’s money? Yes – but you have to know what you are doing! begin building your real estate empire without any of your own money.

Here’s What You’ll Get!

Discover How in Just TWO DAYS You Can Quickly & Easily Transform Your Real Estate Investment Business Into an Engine of Explosive Growth…

Focus on the Tools & Strategies

Face-to-Face Interaction with Elena

Gain More Wealth-Building Skills

Personal Insight into Investing Challenges

Explore Additional Investing Opportunities

Network with Investors in Your Area

Who should attend?​

You are beginner Investor and need help with your first deal.

You are interested to learn about the benefits and pitfalls of real estate investing

You are interested to learn how to analyze real estate investment opportunities


This is unlike any other event you’ve ever attended

This Event isn’t about filling your head with a bunch of pipe dreams and then sending you off on your way to muddle along on your own. No way.

This 2-day workshop is designed start-to-finish to put in your hands EXACTLY what you need to IMPLEMENT in your real estate business to steady growth, reliable revenues, and ever-growing profits regardless of whether the economy was rising or falling.


Actionable Strategies

This Real Estate Investment Bootcamp is 2 days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts that have been in your shoes and succeeded as real estate investors.

There is no “conceptual thought" or “theoretical strategies" behind any of these sessions.Everything you hear at Real estate Investment Workshop are tested, proven tactics to start and grow  your real estate business.

You will walk out on Day 2 with notebooks full of actionable strategies that you can apply the second you get to a computer.

Networking & Fun

You’ll meet people who have been in your shoes, who have faced the same problems you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles.

You will leave Real Estate Investment Bootcamp having met, networked, and formed strategic partnerships with people just like you.


If You Want To Experience The Same Success As These Folks And Are Serious About Finally Making This Year Count, You Simply Can’t Miss This Event. You Can’t Afford Not Be Here.